How to be a really good listener

Haven’t been here for a while, but keen to get back into the swing of all things blogging! The link above takes you to a a great article on just that … how to be a really good listener. Whilst there are sadly many psychological practitioners out there who would greatly benefit their clients by taking this advice, this is most certainly relevant to all.

The greatest ally someone can have, no matter what challenges they may be facing (from a bad day at work to life and death deliberations), is a freind, colleague, family member, or a good samaritan who genuinely wants to listen.

With things being as they are, in terms of restricted funding in the NHS and long waiting lists to access psychological support, it isĀ you who holds the key to helping your fellow humans. Even where people are already receiving psychological support in some form or another, please, please do not assume that they are in any way ‘home and dry’ in terms of overcoming their own personal challenges. Just as a hairdresser can disappoint with a shoddy haircut or colour, so too can a psychologist or mental health nurse (they are only human after all).

It is a fact that many, many people have been brought back from the brink of suicide by a non-professional and a great deal of those who go on to take their own lives were not receiving any support whatsoever, or it is seen to be ineffective at that point in time.