Therapists in therapy…

Now this will be interesting…I’ve decided to undertake some therapy of my own – essential really for any practicing psychotherapist – we are human after all! I’ve tried counselling, Gestalt and CBT before but have always had my reservations about psychoanalysis (first thought that comes to mind is Freud and for some reason he’s looking at me rather critically…)

It turns out my reservations are largely based on misconceptions and inadequate knowledge of this particular field of therapy. So, having had a brief free association session with a trusted colleague, I’m keen to pursue whatever path my unconscious mind chooses to take.

Having recently undertaken a course in hypnotherapy, I am still blown away by the fact that we only use around 10 percent of our brains! I’m hoping a course of treatment will give that extra 90 percent of my brain a well overdue MOT.

I’ll be sharing my progress online so, if you’re interested…watch this space.